Help with PEX structure

I just can’t wrap my head around this PEX structure. I’m really bad with things like this anyway, but I really want this to work. Can someone help me with a template that I can just smash all the command permissions into? I’m looking for something like this with 8 groups…

I want default group to be Peasant. All groups except admin would inherit from this, like a ladder. I would want the inheritance ladder to read as


Admin group would be called ‘Emperor’

If someone can set that up for me, I can go through the teeth-pulling process of putting all the commands that become available rank by rank.

If you can help that would be great. I just simply can NOT get my head around this, and I’ve been banging on it for a couple days, now.

It’s actually fairly straightforward to make groups in PEX. You just need to do something to a group (like giving it perms) so it has a reason to persist. e.g. /pex group Knight parents add Peasant will cause the group Knight to be created and inherit all the perms of Peasant. The PEX 2.0 docs are here. You can also easily create rank ladders.

Please note that, although it still works for most purposes, PEX is currently not maintained, and needs a new developer to take over.

get a plugin called chat ui…it integrates nicely with pex. gives a semi text ui.


/pex rank default add group Peasant

/pex group Baron parent add group Knight

and so on. do not add the teh default peasant group…everyone AUTOMATICALLY is in that group…so start with making baron a parent on knight and all will be well…

also, get chatui…seriously …then when you click the + sign and choose perms you can click groups and see your groups.

That seems to be working. Now I have a new issue. Anytime I have PEX installed, non-admin players can’t attack mobs. The internet says it’s worldguard, but I don’t have that animal installed. Is there a permission I can toggle?

That’s not a feature of PermissionsEx on it’s own. One of your plugins or mods is doing that.

It’s giving a message about not having warden admin’s permission which is part of PEX’ griefprevention, isn’t it? All I have is pex, worldedit, chatui and nucleus.

No. GriefPrevention is an entirely separate plugin to PermissionsEx.

look at nucleus docs, there is a way to run a command to set up nucleus perms automatically folevels. I forgot to mention that part.

maybe there is a perm node in nucleus for that. if there is , and you didnt do this part yet, maybe its in there.

I wasnt aware nucleus could do this but if thats all you got.

No forge mods that may have “warden” status?

Forgot this was here. It turns out World Guard had found a way to sneak back in on the server and it was pissing PEX off, bad. I deleted it and all of the configs, but the warden issue persists. People have to be admin in order to break blocks or sleep in beds.

“Admin” is a group of perms. You need to figure out what perm is responsible

Rename world folder and restart and test a clean world, then you can delete and name the original world how it was…maybe useful but I do t think its in the world.

Its a perm on the list in your “admind” group

I think we can try,That’s a good idea,i like it!