Horrible Server Lag WITH Sponge. Please help

I’ve been having quite horrible lag with Sponge 1.10… I’m using the Pixelmon mod, and my server has 4gigs of RAM, and hosted on a dedicated OVH server.

I have a Pastebin link providing console errors which I do not understand. Please help me fix this lag, my server keeps “Falling behind” it says in console…

Update to latest SpongeForge. You are using an outdated build.

When I update to the latest version of sponge, my plugins don’t work at my server crashes.

Not our fault, report to plugins as it is their job to update to support our latest “bleeding” builds. Other than that, if you do not update to latest then we cannot help you.

Ok I’ll update to the latest. :_:

Is there anything else I should do when updating? Like update forge? I don’t know which forge version to use. Should I use the ‘stable’ or ‘most recent’ along with the most recent sponge version for 1.10

Also is 1.10, is it supposed to be laggy since it’s in beta? It’s just so terrible laggy x-x

Update: Updated to the latest sponge, and forge version for 1.10. I’m getting these errors when starting up my server in console. What does this mean? And my server’s still having lag.

You may want to look into the command

/sponge timings

The plugin ActionBroadcaster isn’t updated for API 5 (or it’s written for an earlier version of API 5).

The forge version required by SpongeForge is in its filename: https://docs.spongepowered.org/master/en/server/getting-started/implementations/spongeforge.html#reading-the-download-filename
Always try to match Forge version and SpongeForge, else you might run into issues.

Also note that you’re using a bleeding build. So things are expected to be unstable, laggy or even break the server :wink:

Whether this is still a problem for you, I got a lot of lag with sponge forge and pixelmon, but I just installed optifine to my client and it runs just fine!