HOS (HellOnSpongeee)

HOS (HellOnSpongeee)

Still in Development

Hello and welcome to HOS, this is a large undergoing on its way pretty much it's a mutt in the eyes of plugins. This plugin will be used to pit players either against one another or to assist one another. With mobs that can hunt one down from miles away, to players knowing your exact locations no matter where you're at. This plugin will be used to make PVP and epic undergo. Be a lone wolf and face other teams, or be the biggest team in the world. The choice will be up to you.

Things that are currently Implemented

  • :passport_control: destroying certain blocks will allow you to teleport to predetermined locations
  • :question: breaking blocks may give you secrets of the world you'd never thought of before
  • :question: Breaking Valuable Blocks like Iron Gold or Diamond, And a Portal is Opened to your location!
  • :newspaper: Everything of course is configurable and the plugin is lightweight.
  • :moneybag: Get Paid to kill mobs and Other Players
  • :alien: Control over the Rate of Mobs and the amount that Spawns
    • Note that this will cause the console to run through dozens of null's at the server's start up...this is normal. This is because of the coding. Do not fret it still works just fine.

Things that are going to be implemented eventually

  • Monster's being able to sense you from an Extremely long distance
  • Customized Monster Properties (like creeper explosion Radius)
  • Monster's able to break certain types of blocks within certain amounts of time
  • Team Managements (can't kill teammates...unlesss you're the Team Enforcer)
  • Warping to specified Team Home vs Going Home
  • Much more to come

Tested on
Sponge spongeforge-1.8-1577-2.1-DEV-966
Forge forge-1.8-


  • [Download Latest EconomyLite](https://github.com/Flibio/EconomyLite/releases) (This is the required Dependancy)
  • Beta Release [Download Latest HOS](https://github.com/Cleardragonf/HellOnSpongee/releases) (This is the Main Plugin)

This plugin will take me a few weeks possibly as i can only code when i have the time at home. But if individuals would like to assist with needed code, It’ll speed things up a bit more. Of course if the code is used you too would get credit :smile:

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Looks interesting

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