How can I analysis sponge server crash report

Is any basic or easy way to quick find out what’s going wrong, maybe item bug crash or sponge bug itself, anyone has some article for tutorial ??

Note that most of what is contained in a server crash report is relevant to the plugin/mod/software that crashed, usually a crash is caused by a developer’s oversight rather than directly by a player/admin.

That being said, Bukkit has a great article on reading stack traces - the main part in a crash report. Most of it will also be relevant to Sponge as well.

You can look at the stacktrace, and see if any plugins are in it (ie a line that isn’t org.spongepowered) - you can then give the crash/steps to reproduce to the developer of that plugin and they should be able to sort it out or tell you if it’s something you’ve done wrong.

This page might help: