How do YOU bring in new players?

I was wondering what methods you’ve used to bring in more players on your servers. Hopefully this isn’t against the rules because it’s related to advertisement? If it is, I apologize. I’m just curious how everyone else here advertises their server. I’ve use PMC, and some other server lists in the past, but I only get young players joining. I run a server that is aimed at 17 and older. I’ve also advertised on 4chan, but that’s very hit or miss as you could probably guess (hackers, spammers, DDoS, etc.) Reddit is something i’m considering now that i’m offline mode. So where do you guys get yours? (especially if you have a way to get older[17+] players)

Word of mouth has always been the best way for me, also Offline mode out of a very few specific circumstances is a very big no no


A golden hint, an active owner is all a beginning server needs. Don’t expect your server to become popular without it. But I warn you you will burn up eventually, so its recommended to train admin as good as possible.

Active staff also works, but not so effective as the owner himself. Most admin don’t know everything about the server.

When I started my tekkit lite server all I dit was placing it on a random list, and gave any player that came online a tour :stuck_out_tongue:.

Also, don’t start a vanilla/bukkit/sponge server, its impossible to keep up with the big servers. Unless you have something specials that these don’t have. A good modpack server can become very popular :stuck_out_tongue:.


Offline mode WAS for poorfriends to play with us (I used authme to avoid people using other people’s accounts.) I don’t expect or even want more than like 15-20 people on at once honestly lol. Too hectic for me. I’ve been going on word of mouth for a while now.

I’m usually very active when I try to get new players, and you’re probably right about training admins better. Most of my admins probably just want admin so they can fly lol…

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That is not a valid reason

Are there other ways around that? Or do you just disagree with pirate-friendly servers/ it’s against rules here? I’m not trying to pick a fight or start a debate or anything, i’m just curious.

The only way “around” it. Is egg-cracking (same as brute forcing, but its a term in that freaking world) MC accounts * graps popcorn *. But for that you are on the wrong forum I guess xD.
I am really happy that I am out of that business :strawberry:.

I have no intention of supporting players who do that. I just don’t know if Disconsented has a heavy policy of being against piracy, or if there is another reason (besides security) that he dislikes offline mode.

Sponge doesn’t support piracy. So even if ya do it, don’t talk about it here.


I’ve been thinking of switching to online mode for a while anyway… today’s the day. Now Reddit minecraft madmins won’t hate me I guess. Also maybe Disconsented will hate me less.


There’s a difference between people hating you and people trying to show concern for what you are doing. (Using offline mode for friends who can’t afford the game for example)


If it was legal to do. I would love to make a plugin that allows online and offline (with whitelisted users) mode on the same time. But sadly enough… .

I accidentally de-railed my thread with this offline mode talk. It’s supposed to be a discussion of ideas for bringing in new players to your server.

I use server lists, being as I work for someone who has zero rules and encourages cussing, It will be pretty popular. Has been in the past, just restarting the server again.

EDIT: I have removed the server, I feel as if I was advertising.

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I’ve always used word of mouth as well as forums like the minecraftforums. That’s basically it, it always got us (my friends and me) a nice little community that was not too big (still managable by a couple admins) but still big enough to not get boring.
A very important thing in my opinion is to have active admins and be active yourself as the owner, both on the server and the forums you advertise your server on.
Also, make the server newcomer-friendly, aka. don’t bombard them with walls of text and/or tons of rules. It will scare players away (You’ll need rules obviously, but don’t overdo it, you’re not a state that needs a full-fletched law system set up).

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every server i have been on that has more then 10 people on at once has some sort of custom plugins that make it unique. then from there its word of mouth or advertising on something like PlanetMinecraft.

I began with taking over a small family based server. New players to this server came mainly from the internet and real life friends area of the players and a few from very specific areas (local (country/state) + specific modpack + whitelisted + type of players/community).

When going from private/whitelisted to public we never used any voting sites, not even in the late days when we had more than enough players for top 5 rankings. I didn’t like the system of voting (still don’t) and we still made it to a server which was full every day to the latest slot. We did build a system and content that was spread fast. Have been active in other communities and soon with the website found on search engines (due to a local focus + native language + cooperation with a local blogger) we had to build a system to sort out new players. We build a hardcore question system that only around 14% of new players passed after multiple attempts.

While this built a great community that sticked together with a teamspeak usage of about 70-80%, we were also successful with being fast and substantial (does more or less only apply to modded mc).

We had one of the first horizons servers out. While there had been more, we were the only ones that could get it well setup within an hour and relatively stable over the next few days. The interesting thing about this is, that it wasn’t supposed to get public. I was playing around with a server list and didn’t knew that once I enter only the servers IP it already gets listed. Seconds later the first players joined. But these players didn’t talk the native language while we hadn’t planned to make an international server. Well, seeing how many joined, started playing, asking how they can support us. Suggesting to build a spawn for us, setting up areas for the new players… we went with it, how it was put in our hands and it played out nicely over the next couple of days.

Looking back and thinking about things I didn’t include due to the size of content I have to say I’m doing well during “war time”: Working on something new, something that doesn’t work, does make me productive, while during a peace time where there is not much new and with a running setup, I get bored and loose interest.

From this I think you need someone who is good during “war time” (for startup) and someone for “peace time” (when things run great/stable) or be good at both to get really successful.

So putting things into a list of possible ways which can be combined I would think of this:

  • great and unquiet content -> can give you a jump start if being found and having easy access
  • family like community (friends invite friends) -> slow but stable growth
  • being fast and substantial with a new thing that already comes with a huge interested

To achieve this be active and nice with your players. Let them feel important to you and the community. Be open to their suggestions and project ideas, though 90% are bad/false due to missing information, overstated or never happen.


Yes, pretty much the best thing for a new server is to have a helpful and active owner, but it would be hard not to burn out in the game eventually, or any game that you run servers for.

Also it can help if the game doesn’t have that many servers in it, a small server can get lost in all of the other servers if there’s too many servers.

John, just ignore him.

Anyways, if the Mojang Authentication Servers go down… players will NOT be able to join your server if it’s online mode. It’s your server, so run it the way you want.

If the servers are run by Microsoft now (which they probably are), they’ll probably rarely ever go down.