How do you build a modding community?

So one of the major questions I’ve been trying to find an answer for is HOW do I attract more interest to my small development team? We are an RP server based on Dwarf Fortress and we have two programmers, a composer and a texture artist (as well as several experienced role play gamers who are designing mechanics for things like more violent combat to reflect the source material in consultation with the programmers). We even get a sizeable amount of monthly donations that go towards the development.

The scope of this project is huge, and we need specialists. People who can write AI scripts, Model designers, the works; we have plenty of willing- yet unskilled- contributors who have helped us go through the mire of information that is Dwarf Fortress. Is there somewhere I can make a listing and attract attention? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

So you mean you want to make a forge mod themed server? I tried this 3 times already. And it always failed because some people needed to go on holidays or whatever. And at the end it never got finished.

This is the last mod that we where attempting to make:

Its some kinda future mod, where players need to try to survive the invasion of robots. Now lets wait until our modeler gets back from holidays XD.

Either that or you actually explain properly (this is where I see most people go wrong) what they want to do, how they are going to do it as well as what they offer to do. No one wants to do all the work for half of the credit.

@thomas15v. Yes and no. the plan is two stages. First being a multiplayer version that basically covers everything from Dwarf Fortress, then a single player release that allows you to basically play fortress mode (if you’re familiar) as the overseer of the fort. We’re more interested in getting the Multiplayer working as we have a community that are keen on it.

@disconsented We have money. The community donates into a pool each month. Some make regular monthly contributions. It’s not heaps, but we do pull in between $200-$300/month though this varies. We’d probably be able to provide roughly $50/month to each member of the team, though we are working on building up fundraising. The plan is to basically get the mod to a beta stage and then build up the community through advertisement. More people = more money to pay to get the mod done.

My main problem is the majority of forums with modders around tend to have a no-payment-for-services deal. Which makes sense given the EULA.

According to the EULA I can charge you for working on the mod, but not for the mod itself. Now this is dodgy considering this could get real legal real quick, but I just wanted to point that out.

EDIT: I don’t mod unless I have a reason, and normally being paid isn’t a reason I rather to it for free (If I want to mod at all)

Well to begin, tell people about your project. Make documents with pretty pictures showing your serious about the project and its quality. Create videos to attract people. It may be easier first to gather a large following, then as people start rolling in, so will the technically creative people you are looking for. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise. The only downside to this, is if you are keeping your project private to protect ideas and other data from being copied.

Good luck!

@The_Doctors_Life I completely understand that mentality. My team and I work our asses off to maintain a fun community. If we didn’t love the work, we wouldn’t do it.

@unenergizer We have extensive design documents, but that’s what they are at this point, designs. We’ve got some basic RP moderation, chat and custom mobs mods and plugins done or underway and we’re currently constructing the skills and industry elements. It’s a big project, but I suppose we could work out some kind of conceptual trailer and post it. If anyone here is interested in the project I could post more details?

Mind linking them?

To me it sounds like you’re trying to start up a game dev company. Like @TBotV63 said, links please. Also do you have a website of some kind? Maybe look at placing ads on pages for modding communities/internet ads in general.

@TBotV63 I’d rather not link anything in the way of how the mod itself will work, but I can link you to an example of some of the documentation that has reached a refined point- the style guide we have for the cavern layers. (seen here)

Apart from obviously how everything works, which is still on-going, we’ve got databases of quantified information for the programmers, such as an entire spreadsheet devoted to what components animals drop when butchered. This is taken directly from the wiki-raws for the entity from the original game. It’s been a long process.

@cae1136 No, not really. We’re just a community of roleplayers that had the dumb luck to get in contact with a few members of the Spider Queen Reborn mod and get their attention. Thing is we need more people, especially a modeler, as our dedicated modeler had to drop out. There’s been a bit of contribution from a few other people with various skills in the area, but someone who knows the ins and outs is what we’re after.

Hope that answers some questions.

It’s usually best to simply lay out your plans in a non-advertising manner. That way, you’ll be able to interest people in it. Also programmers :wink:

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