How do you install Pore?

I’ve been puzzling over how you install pore with your Sponge server, if it’s even possible.
Which i assume it is since i’ve yet to find information saying othervise…
I’m always getting an error whenever attempting to launch it with, install it with, etc.
I would say i know what i’m doing, i got Java 8 installed. And can kinda read crash logs,
but this is way beyond me.
And since aforementioned lack of tutorials regarding it i’m driven to go here asking if anyone’s
gotten it to work and how they did.
Please… Before you “remind” me that it’s still heavily under development, i already know
that. I’ve read every source i’ve found. This post is purely to see if anyone else
have had any success with it.

hello, i think you must need wait a new build of pore :slight_smile:

So, are you saying that you know this version is incompatible with current sponge?

yes, its what i say

Sponge has only updated today / yesterday (depending on your time zone) to java8. This update breaks practically every plugin since the Optional return types all over the API changed.
Pores developers might need a day or two to adapt to this change. Depending on their other duties, maybe longer.