How excited are you for Sponge, I know I am pumped! (good job, Sponge team!)

Although this is my first post, and one of the first times I have seen Sponge, I must say how excited I am for it.

Sponge seems, well, different. But what comes with those differences, comes similarities. I was coding for Bukkit for, I don’t know, a couple months before I switched to Forge and started with mods, about 3-4 weeks ago (crazy right!) Perfect timing, with Bukkit half-dead with practically all staff gone. But I miss Bukkit, and the ability to play it without a modded client. Now, as I heard of Sponge’s development, and starting reading through what Sponge will be capable of, I realized that this is a two-for-one deal, having all the capability of Bukkit, while still handling Forge mods. Wow, I was shocked. I immediately went to the Github to check the progress, I was so happy!! Thus this post, asking if other people are as excited for the awesomeness that will come with Sponge.

Whoever came up with the idea, kudos to you, and whoever is helping turn that idea into reality, COME GIVE ME A HUG!

tl;dr/summery: I can’t wait. I. can’t. wait. I will definitely be keeping up with the progress on Sponge!

Please tell me about how excited you are. I can’t wait to read some replies!

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I’m pumped for two things

  1. Sponge (duhhh)
  2. I have the rarest username on the forums
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Wow. That really is a great username. I wish I could be that special < / 3

The usename “Minecraft” hasen’t been taken

I am also excited to see how far the project is going to go.

It’s definitely going to make my life easier.

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I’m sad to say I actually tried to see if it was or not.

Are you actually from MCPH? If you are, I have a server from you… add Sponge to the server types if you can when it comes out :slight_smile:

Someone probably saw this post and took it

Haha. Guess who has a rare name now? :smiley: Yes, probably. I’m jealous.

Indeed I am.

As I cannot speak for the company, I speak for myself and say I am sure that we will be adding it to server types when it is up and working.

Within a week, probably all the rare names will have been taken

Yes, that is why I will be formerly known as the rare Chicken :3

Awesome! Just because you’re hear, I must commend you on your services. I love them, had my server for 6+ months! Can’t wait to change it to Sponge c:

first one to have the username “n00b” post here

Agreed. Honestly, I don’t know why something like this hasn’t been created before.

People were satisfied with Bukkit and Spigot

OH YA! Cauldron. I forgot about that one, as of it got taken down. Let’s hope Sponge doesn’t get the same treatment. That’s true, also, I was satisfied with Bukkit and Spigot, but that’s because I didn’t think something like this was possible.

That is what I mean, how the other ones got taken down. You never know, there could be loopholes in the MIT license and things can happen.

Interesting. Not quite what I though, maybe I should have actually looked at the licence.

I will PM you my steam.