How far can you get with wood tools?!

Here is a video in response to Annabell and Terrorbites challenge to get to the nether with nothing more than wooden tools. Sorry for the crappy mic quality.


Next up is beating a wither and the enderdragon with only wood tools, some apples and snow!

<TerrorBite> The only way to build a portal without mining obsidian (which needs diamond, which needs iron) is by casting the portal using a bucket of lava… and the bucket takes iron

Well, I stand corrected.

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Unless you find a lava pool deep enough to make a portal out of

could also manipulate water
then again, flint and steel.

I guess you just need to get really lucky with lightning strikes eh?

Flint and steel requires iron.

You can still (sort of) mine ores using creepers id guess.

Also the whole challenge came about from an argument that quartz should be before stone in the Patreon list. It actually has some merit if you have any mod installed that allows you to make quartz tools. Considering I confirmed that you can mine and get quartz with a wood pickaxe.

As he did in the video, use lava and wood :stuck_out_tongue:

hence “then again,”

You could watch the video and find out… Lol

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