How hard will porting be?

Hey all I am currently working on a bukkit plugin which i will be rewriting for/converting to sponge.(this is a personal project for now and is not released to public yet). And i was curious how hard will it be to go from bukkit to sponge. Any general things like how different will it be from bukkit, do i need to rewrite every single line, or only around 1 in every 10 lines? And should i keep developing in bukkit whilst I am waiting for Sponge API to be released? Thank you for your time!

Probably not too hard. Developing for bukkit might be a good idea, but you could also write an abstraction layer so you can easily switch APIs.

To be honest, it depends on what of the Bukkit API you are relying on. For something as simple as a chat plugin, not much will have to be rewritten. If, however, you are writing a plugin that heavily interacts with Entities (like an RPG plugin), a lot will be refactored, but only in terms of names and behaviors.

AS @TBotV63 said, writing an abstraction layer is a good idea for you to understand how much of the Bukkit API you rely on, and gives you an easy understanding of what you’ll need to write with Sponge.

Awesome I’m working on a RPG plugin QQ. Well If they only stick to name changes and little changes I think i can manage to port it.

I am working on a big plugin on Bukkit, I have to change a lot of things. I think this is a good chance to rewrite the plugin. :smile: