How hyped are you for what release?

Hey all just decided to make a thread because I need to releive this somewhere also post your “can’t wait till” down below!

Sponge api 1.1 - I just need it I want to get all those errors out of my eclipse about things that aren’t implemented yet in 1.0.

Sponge implementation - Cause I wan’t to see my creation life (no frankenstein reference intended)! Can’t wait to play my own minecraft RPG xD.

Just use the 1.1-Snapshot

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Sponge, for one (of course).
Also BKCommonLib so I can get Traincarts and some other plugins to work with 1.8.
Thirdly, for all of my personal modpack mods to update to 1.8

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I bet most people that would post here would post about being hyped about sponge getting released, like myself.

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I know there’s a bunch of people here including me that can’t wait for Windows 10.


Half-Life 3 anyone? :smile:
Of course sponge 1.0 too.

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inb4 valve skips half life 3 and goes straight to half life 4 just to troll everyone :trollface:

For me I’m just gonna say sponge for now :sunglasses:

I am very hyped for Ore, can’t wait to see what the community can do with Sponge!

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