How is the API doing now-a-days?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve even bothered to touch Sponge due to it’s lack of features and consistent enough API patterns. Has any of that changed?

Could just review the various packages of the API and browse the various plugins submitted on the forums to see what sort of features are available through the API itself now. Without a time frame of reference to compare to, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how the API has progressed since you last looked.

About March 2015.


And for a less glib answer, check out the State-of-Sponge broadcast recordings, read the change-logs, browse the SpongeDocs. Without being specific, we can only guess if the features and patterns you want are present - and if they aren’t yet in, they could be only a PR away. Constructive criticism is welcome, it’s a necessary part of Sponge development.


I’m confused as to what you mean. The Sponge API can do anything that the Bukkit API can do, and more. And the implementation has come a long way as well.

When I was here a long while back (a couple of months lol) there was quite a lot of things I wanted to do that weren’t implemented quite yet, that’s all.

Inventories work and are almost finished, if that’s what you mean. It’s only recipes that we’re waiting for, in terms of common functionality.

It was other things, really.

Say 'em, and we can tell you if they’re ready.

I’ll be fine, I’m programming anyway.