How many copy-of copy-of copy tutorials will there be?

Curious as to how many copy-of copy tutorials on setting up a Sponge server will be made within the first couple months of its release. We’ve all seen the trillions of “HOW2BUKKIT SRVER” on youtube, many made by squeakers.

Just wondering how long it will take for those videos to be made about Sponge. Same with making a Hello World Sponge plugin.


Sponge is becoming such a vast community that people will be going nuts the day it is officially released, so videos on YouTube would probably be piled up within the first few days.

I’m thinking about starting plugin tutorials once I finish my two plugins; ServerControl and Medic. I would be doing advanced tutorials though, I wouldn’t be going over the basics like everyone else.

Also, I love your name.

Glad that there will be some advanced tutorials. Hopefully, unlike some of the copycats in the Bukkit community, there will be more people knowing more than just basic Java. And zero people thinking that they are “coding in javascript” – also, thanks. This is my birth name.

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Perhaps if someone releases some official tutorial videos before the release this problem could be prevented altogether. I propose that some one be assigned with the task, someone who is an experienced moder and coder but also YouTube-er who is already involved with the project, I would like to suggest @Soren or Pahimar (if he’s around)

wait what? Are you thinking about the right guy?

I don’t see how putting out tutorials early would help, that would just increase the amount of tutorials. And the API is constantly changing, so tutorials created now, would be useless in a month, maybe even a few weeks…

Also, I’m not sure commands are fully implemented, and I know that the config isn’t either.

Perhaps not, are you not “The” Soren (author of xycraft)?

no, I am not that “soren”.

Is that his usual forum name or minecraft user name?

but I’ll keep that you<>he in mind, thanks.

Why did you reply to me?

You make it sound like having a large number of simple tutorials is a bad thing.
More content uploaded elsewhere means fewer simple questions clogging the forums.

Yeah, but the problem with it, even the bigger tutorials by some YouTubers were very inefficient… Ehem, TheBCBroz (I think that’s their name). They were one of the biggest, and their methods were really basic and inefficient.

I replied to you? Thought I replied to tebbenjo