How to add another dimension to a server

Hi, I am sort of playing around setting up a server and would like to know how I can add a dimension eg farmworld in addtition to the standard dimensions.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

I think there is currently no MultiVerse Plugin or such so currently no, its not possible at the moment.

Shouldn’t something this important be implemented in Sponge itself?

The API for plugins to be able to create custom dimensions should be implemented in sponge the actual implementation of creating the dimensions should be done by plugins.


@Squawkers13 / @intronate67 Yes, but its almost useless for an user if he dont know how to program.

I guess it’s its time for me to make a plugin then.

I was hoping some bright, young energetic enthusiast would volunteer … :smiley:

You can check up on it github here

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when intronate (hopefully) is done programming that the next question arises:
is there a portal plugin which can be used to access the different dimensions without using the console?


Umm might actually think of implementing that like how Multiverse has Multiverse Core and Multiverse Portals.

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I would keep it slim and simple. Lets look at what most servers offer:

a) A "Main World or two, where people have their plots, build their houses, farms or whatever
b) A “Farmworld” which can easily be reset as soon it has been plundered
c) A Creative Map
d) An Adventure Map
e) ???

Access to the various dimensions is by means such as BLWarps or some sort of Sign-Plugin (can’t remember what it’s called right now) where you click on a sign to get where you want

In effect, we need a simple plugin, which enables us to add/reset/delete dimensions and define them by means of permissions in a config file for each dimension

What do you think … ?

The plugin is very simple actually it even only has three classes. I’ll be including a wiki on the github when when it is finished

Totally forgot about BLWarps. It even has warp regions which can be abused to create portals :smile:

intronate, for the start the possibility to create, reset, delete dimensions would be enough. One can use BLWarps to create warps/portals to travel between dims until your adding something similar yourself.

Oh and:
/me gives you a huge cookie <3

right now i have create delete modify tp and join.
It’s called MultiWorld

/mw create <name> [normal|nether|end] [seed] [-f] 
- Default type is Normal, -f is flat world
/mw delete <name>
- Deletes specified world
/mw modify set <gamemode|animals|monsters|pvp|weather> <boolean|integer>
- edits specified settings for your world
/mw tp <world> <x, y, z>
- Teleports you to a world at a specific location.
/mw join <name>
- Joins specified world and the spawn location.
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BLWarps can do that too :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’d suggest a 2nd switch on /mw create for large biomes.
Maybe add the skydimension too? Sponge should support it.
Oh and the nether :stuck_out_tongue:

Would require 6 switches then: normal, flat, large biomes, nether, end, skylands

ill add more DimensionTypes when the class gets updated, But for now ill just create custom WorldGenerators to do it myself unless theres an easier way. There are only three: here

Woops, i thought of the skylands example from the cookbook:

Yeah i knew what you meant, It will be implemented though.

Lets not forget that the End is disabled on most servers - else you end up resetting it every 5 mins. And the nether only needs resetting occasionally