How to build and run Sponge for making plugins?

I have previously made plugins for CraftBukkit and has decided to move to Sponge after the take down of CraftBukkit. To get up and running I have followed the guide on how to clone, build and run Sponge.

Guide on github.

Clone and Building went fine and I builded “my own” sponge-1.7.10- file.

When I try to create the “Run configuration” I cant find Main class “GradleStart” or “GradleStartServer”. So maybe I did something wrong when I builded Sponge?

When I’m able to run Sponge I wanted to make my first plugin for Sponge “Hello world” using this guide:

Guide on reddit to make Hello world.

I hope somebody can give me a hint about how to move forward?

Please do your research first. Sponge isn’t usable yet and the API isn’t complete. There is no maven repo either. But if you really want to get started, you could look for plugin threads of plugins that have already started and take a look at their github.

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I understand that we can’t play on the server yet, but I thought that I should be able to build and run the server and maybe write a “Hello world” in the console?

PS. I spend hours on the forum and on Eclipse before writing my post!

What exactly are you trying to do? Run the server? The run command is gradlew runServer

PS: It’s just not ready yet…

Yes. Maybe I have completely misunderstod how API works?

I tried to follow this guide I found on reddit to make a VERY simple “Hello world” plugin. But I dont understand how I can test the plugin? I though I had to run the server together with this tutorial.jar in the plugins folder.

Well, it’s a forge coremod, so it goes into the mods folder of a forge server. It then exposes an API and loads plugins from a plugins folder. And that should basically be it.

Compiling and running it work fine for me. You’ll find your mods folder for the compiled jar and stuff in the run subfolder. I assume you have worked with git before? Mind making a repo for what you’re trying to do?

Thanks! Now I was able to run the server :slight_smile: so now I can continue and do some more investigation.

No problem.

@TBotV63 not entirely true… the link to the maven repo won’t be given out though until enough of the API is considered stable enough for plugins to be using it.

I don’t understand why you would wait until it is stable :crying_cat_face:. Like, I don’t really care if the API changes. I just would change my code if the maven repo gives me an other jar.