How to change the default permission requirement without a permission plugin

Good day,

I have a small, whitelist server that does not require a dedicated permission plugin. I do have Nucleus running however for some of its features.

I am wondering if there is a way for Sponge or Nucleus to change or give a permission for a plugin. What I’ve run into is Project Portals which for some reason requires players have a pjp.cmd.warp permission in order to use a portal.

Like, is there a place to put perms that everyone can have without having to add another plugin just so players can use a function of Project Portals? I thought I came across that one time in some conf file, but I can’t seem to find it now.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you.

What prevents you from installing a permissions plugin? Just set up LuckPerms so the default group has pjp.cmd.warp and whatever else you need.

A permissions plugin manages permissions. If you need to manage permissions, you install a permissions plugin.

Thanks for the reply!
The only thing preventing me is me not wanting to add yet another plugin just to deal with one thing. My experience in the past of permission plugins is that they are way more complex than I need and just adds one more thing to have running and requiring maintenance.

Guess I’d just prefer an easier way if it is possible, was hoping there was a native catch-all, but that might not be the case. In my mind this particular permission should be the other way around, so that using portals is given by default, since that’s the reason why one would use the plugin.

Well, editing the default group adds about as much maintenance as editing the hypothetical default permission file, and it’s not like another plugin will hurt the server or anything. But no, Sponge doesn’t have any ‘default permission’ file. The default permission impl is op or nothing.

Okay, thank you for helping.
In your opinion, is LuckPerms the simplest, least complex of the offerings available?
Also curious if it works on a per-world basis, but I guess I can just look that up.

I mean, to my knowledge it’s only that or PermissionManager (which is API 5). And it’s not like it’s hard.
/lp group default permission set pjp.cmd.warp true

It’s possible to have permissions work on a per-world basis but by default in LuckPerms all permissions you set are global unless you specify you want it to only work in a certain world. Here’s a better explanation on the subject from the Luckperms wiki. Command Usage · lucko/LuckPerms Wiki · GitHub

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Oh, alright. I guess I’ll put on my big boy pants and do it. Thanks for the encouragement. The last permission plugin I used was Privileges in 1.6.4.

LuckPerms is well documented, if you get stuck the help discord is friendly or post back here.