How to design large minigame server?


I want to build a large minigame server, and I have some questions, I don’t know what other servers do. If anyone can help me, thank you very much.

I have multiple mini game servers connected by proxy. A single server runs multiple worlds, My current plan is to place all the minigame maps in the world folder and load them at server start. The structure is as follows:

However, I find a problem: I often have to adjust the map according to the popularity of the game.So I would like to adjust the backup of the mini game map to be placed outside the world folder,and then copy the backup to the world folder when it is determined to start a game,
I don’t know if there will be IO stuck if I make multiple copies of the world while other worlds are playing.
(Note: I wrote a common plugin to make different mini games available in the same server game)