How to get a user name?

I messed up the registration and now the user name I would like to use is tied up in limbo.
Is there a way to cancel or a time out for a request that is not verifiable to so I can change my user name to the one I want?

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We really need proper registration (name,email,pass) support(ers). This is the 3rd post i see, of this kind.
Btw +1 for limbo

Are you talking about your username for the forums? I didn’t notice this because, if that’s your issue, you categorized your topic wrong. Moving it to Meta.

I’m pretty sure that your username will eventually fall back in the pool of available usernames after a couple of weeks of not clicking the confirmation mail. I would contact one of the forum administrators and request the removal of your old account so you can re-create that, or request to change the email. @blood or @lukegb should be capable of that.

Don’t bother blood or them with stuff like that. Should contact me. That’s my job here :slight_smile: among other things. However, I didn’t really understand what the problem was.

A username he wanted couldn’t be claimed because he messed up in an initial registration attempt, marking the username he wanted as “waiting-for-verification” or whatever the status of unverified accounts is.

Ok, @Mystic_Minotaur what username do you want? I can change it or whatever. I wouldn’t normally do it for just anyone, but you? You’re cool. :open_mouth:

Nah, if there was an issue, I’d like to fix it. Let me know what you’d like it to be so I can change it.

He hasn’t been on for the past 2 days, and I know that isn’t long but for me Im on forums everyday :blush:

Anyway DarkArcana, nice to see you posting on the forums, as I haven’t seen many staff comment in other threads :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :open_mouth:

The amount of work Sponge however has already accomplished and the way the community has grown in the last 2 weeks is amazing :slight_smile: and I know a lot of work must be going on behind the scenes!

Looking forward to the initial release of the Sponge API but there seems to be a lot of confusion around the forums on how it is going to be working. I have read the FAQ and the update information, but a thread on how the Sponge API is going to work in terms of comparrison to other API’s would be great IMO. I know it is early stages, but I feel this is needed as the confusion around the forums is really, well confusing…

Also one more question. About your title on the forums. Is a support lead support for the forums or for the devs or for the people working on the API, or just in general.

Cheers, HungryThirstyDead :stuck_out_tongue:

I read all of the forum threads. I respond to things that I need to respond to, but as this is an inclusive community, people can talk with and help each other. I don’t feel the need to comment on everything, and that may be the same for a lot of other staff. Some things also aren’t completely clarified even for us yet at this early stage. So we can’t clear the confusion because we haven’t made a decision. When we make a decision, we generally make some form of announcement. Sk89q has been announcing dev/API things and I have been announcing non development things.

As for my role, I will be trying to assume the same position or similar to that of which I had over at Cauldron. I will spend my time here helping people deal with crashes, installation errors, general use, or other technical support issues. If an issue is an actual bug, I will assist people in making proper bug reports so that they can be fixed. This is an extra layer that helps support not only the community, but keeps the developers a little more sane. I will also moderate the forums. @Owexz is taking a lead moderation role, but we are both equal in this regard.

Sorry. i know that the staff probably don’t seem to feel the need to comment on most threads as there is not much to be commented on, and I also understand that even if there are people with issues they can often be solved by the community as the API hasn’t been released yet, so the issues don’t need moderator support. I was just commenting that you were one of the first staff I have seen on a thread and I believe it is great to see staff already employed in a community that has grown so quickly… Sorry if I offended any staff by saying that you were one of the first staff I saw :frowning: as I know many other staff are always browsing the forums for inappropriate threads and other stuff…

You haven’t offended anyone :stuck_out_tongue: . I just wanted to help you rest assured that this place has been staffed and ready since day one. Well actually, before that. It took a monumental effort to get IRC under control in the first few days and get things organized. Now that things are more organized, people are off to work.

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Thanks @DarkArcana, I wanted to use “MysticArthas”

I’ve been out for a couple days working on my groups modpack and other non-related things. Thanks for any help you can on the name change. It’s not critical right now but if I continue to build and start making something people want to see I’d like to tie my identity to what I make.

@MysticArthas done.