How to import and run barcodescanner from GitHub to Eclipse

Hello. I found this project in GitHub GitHub - dm77/barcodescanner: Barcode Scanner Libraries for Android. I want to import it from GitHub to eclipse. I dowloaded zip and unzip. I already had gradle and grdale plugin in eclipse. I creat file in root directory of project barcodescanner-master with path to android-sdk. In cmd from root direcoty of project i run

gradle eclipse

but i have error

Task eclipse not found in root project barcodescanner-master

I guess i have to add

apply plugin: 'eclipse'  

somewhere in build.gradle file. But i don’t know where.
If i add in first line of i have this error

Task eclipse not found in project barcodescanner. Some candidates are: 'eclipse'

It looks little bit differ. Addition is Some candidates are: ‘eclipse’

Please help me. Thank you

The resource you are requesting information about is not directly related to the Sponge project. We do not provide support for it, instead we suggest checking the appropriate documentation/contact the associated persons.