How to kick a player from a server?

Simple question: I need to know how to kick a player from the server with a custom message such as “Flying is not allowed!”.

public void onPlayerJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
    Player player = event.getPlayer();
    World world = player.getWorld();

I tried looking through the possible suggestions for player, but I could find anything. Could anyone take a minute to help me?

IIRC you can disable flying in the

but looks like we’re waiting for the bans API to get merged

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Tell me, how does that conribute to the discussion?

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Edit sorry, didn’t see how old this post is. Although I am wondering if I’m doing it properly with the current build of sponge.

I’m trying to do that now myself, would this be right?

Player player = event.getUser();
player.kick(Texts.of("message here"))

Yes, that is correct.

I don’t think Player.kick is actually implemented in SpongeCommon yet so it will probably error if you try running it.

that’s actually a relief @simon816, I couldn’t figure out why it kept giving me an error lol