How to spawn a particle

Hi! I’m trying to spawn a particle effect, but it’s just not working in the game :frowning:
Here is my code:

So, logger throws a message with position of the target entity, but particles don’t work…

Upd: Effect with splash_potion type doesn’t work at all, but other effects are working fine. Wtf ? Does anyone know ?

When you say not working? Do you mean not spawning? Also what is the value for ‘velocity’?

Also i can see you attempting to get the code format correct. Use 4 spaces to get code format.

Looks like this

Yeap. I don’t see any particle in the game. Velocity:

private Vector3d velocity = new Vector3d(.1, .1, .1);

Other plugins for spawning particles are working pretty good on my server. So, i think particles enabled

Add log writes between your if statements to see where it stops…it’s likely one of your source checks aren’t returning what you are expecting it to.