How well will Sponge hold hands with Forge mods?

Read up on a great deal about Sponge, and I have to say I’m really looking forward to it.

I understand that Sponge is built on top of Forge and will allow developers to create more or less plugins as they did with Bukkit - it’s just a different API. I get that. I also understand that there will be a porting tool which will allow plugins to easily be converted over to Sponge’s API. Got that, too.

Here’s where I seem to be having muddy vision with:

Bukkit was designed for vanilla Minecraft. Generally, plugins worked 100% fine with vanilla, but didn’t work so well with Forge mods. Yes, I know there’s Cauldron/MCPC which allowed plugins to work with Forge mods, but, that still didn’t mean that plugins could be developed with Forge mods in mind. Follow me so far?
What ended up happening as a result were servers that ran modpacks AND Bukkit plugins. This was great, don’t get me wrong (having permissions, essentials, worldedit, etc on a modpack is fantastic). However, there came a point when server admins began to realize the true limits of a plugin on a Forge server, especially when plugins like Towny were used.

What do I mean? Things like Towny, Factions, Grief Prevention and, heck, even WorldGuard were very weak on modded servers. Wanted to protect your spawn against IC2 nukes? Nope, not gonna happen. This was simply due to the fact Forge added things in its API that Bukkit didn’t (or rather couldn’t).

This, though, is why I am much more hopeful for Sponge, given it’s built on Forge.

So, my question simply is - how capable will plugin developers for Sponge be able to potentially make their plugins work with Forge mods? Let’s say someone wanted to make a plugin for a Sponge server that is just vanilla - they could write their plugin to do very vanilla-y things. But what about plugin developers who are developing with mods in mind, like adding beefier protections against things like mining lasers?

I’m sure this may have been answered somewhere, somehow, but there’s a lot here to digest! Anywho, keep up the hard work guys. I’m glad the Minecraft community can pull together and recover like this. On one hand I see developers throwing in the towel and giving up, which doesn’t do well for moral for the general Minecraft audience, but on the other hand, coming here shines new light!

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It’ll be easier in a sense that mods and plugins will now be using the same (or similar) API. However, you’ll find that that doesn’t necessarily fix a whole lot of issues when it comes to compatibility.

The only reason a lot of Forge mods work together is because the developers worked together or developed workarounds with other mods in mind. The same with any plugin on Bukkit (thus Vault was the interim standard).

I guess Forge mods will have to follow some conventions (like possibility to cancel any event from “outside”).

To access the Forge API (and APIs of mods) from sponge plugins, the serviceManager of sponge can be used.
Only keep in mind that not every sponge server has to be built on forge, so don’t depend on the API.

The issue is, you can’t make people follow conventions :frowning: You cant make people be reasonable about who gets to use a command. You can’t force them to give everycommand something like a permission node.

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Oh, if the mod is open source, you can just modify it. Or just don’t use it, if it is crap :wink:

A mod doesn’t have to be crap or not fun to play just because the author doesn’t know or doesn’t care about servers…

For me it would be cool to have some sort of compatibility with the ore dictionary. Some of my plugins need to work with modded items and its not as clean as I would like.


That’s subjective. If you are a server owner, you can say it is crap :wink:
That doesn’t mean it’s not fun in singleplayer…

Right you are :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll keep an eye on this thread, just for seeing if Master Developer can help us with this problem, i would be thankful if there’s a video or a tutorial step by step with detail on it like ‘what this code for?’ and ‘what this code will do?’, if the tutorial is well explained then i’d like to give 10000000+ like if i can :smile: