How will Sponge work with Bungeecord?

Forge support is now in the main Bungee repo - so everything should “just work” (as long as you use the latest Forge client).

@Raphfrk - I’ve only just noticed your question.

The IP and UUID forwarding information is included as part of the original handshake between server and Bungee - I think it’s the first packet from client->server. There was a bit of information about it on this Bungee issue and the code that actually patches the handshake in Bungee is here - if Sponge can capture this handshake information then yes, such an event could theoretically modify it.

If anyone has Spigot’s patches to hand then maybe you could look what what needs to be done server side to support IP forwarding, and translate that into a plugin/mod to work with Sponge/Forge.

Yes, Bungeecord will be compatible with Sponge.

Yes! Sponge keeps getting better and better!

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BungeeCord and Sponge are working good for me, but I can’t get BungeePortals to work.

BungeePortals still requires a server side plugin to work, of which hasn’t been ported yet.

Also, one hell of a necropost.


Ohh, thanks for letting me know.

Also sorry, newb on all forums. Never been a social woman so I’m new here as well.

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Forge does not currently work with BungeeCord. See here:

(New users can only add two URLs in a post so I’m using pastebin)

LexManos has expressed a desire to add support if md_5 would provide a better interface. I have send several PMs to md_5 since October on this subject and have no received a reply.

Someone would need to provide a PR and/or a patch so that we can get this working on our own.

I for one cannot add support for Forge or Sponge as additional servers as we are currently locked-in to BungeeCord/Spigot for the time being. It would be very nice if Forge support could be added to allow an easier transition for a server still heavily reliant on Bukkit.

When running Forge with SpongeForge the server DOES support bungeecord. Sponge adds bungee support to your forge server.

However you need to apply a patch to bungee to get it to work properly within a mixed forge/Sponge/spigot environment.

It would be prudent to actually look at Add support for FML with IP Forwarding enabled by dualspiral · Pull Request #1557 · SpigotMC/BungeeCord · GitHub. I’ve got code that solves this problem, and the patch is supported by Sponge. However, md_5 does not seem to be merging it in.

Part of the problem is that the original fix I proposed would cause a minor breakage. I’ve since proposed a non-breaking patch, but no-one seems to be responding to my requests for comment. I’ve also PRd the respective Sponge repos, so if/when the Bungee issue is resolved and the non-breaking patches are used instead, the powers that be in Sponge can just merge my PRs in.

So, the patches exist. I’ve written them. We just seem to be waiting on md_5 to respond to comments…

For interest, on the Sponge side they are:

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Oh, while I remember, this might be a temporary solution:

Afaik there was someone who tried to solve this with a bungeecord plugin. If you’re interested in running bungee+Forge+Sponge, then this might be an Option too.

The best solution would be the merge of @dualspirals PRs :smile:

This reminds me that i still need to document this on our Docs…

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There is a ptach that I use on my BungeeProxy that allows me to use SpongeForge servers on my Bungeecord proxy with no issues. I have 3 SpongeForge Servers linked into my Bungeecord actually. I use SpongePls that Cory created and I helped him get the bugs out to allow it to work perfectly fine.

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