Hullo! Greetings

Glad to be here :wink: love the forums!

I know you love me


Hello to sponge forums!

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This is definitely a different forum type software I’ve not seen before. it’s kinda nice. and different >_<

I had doubts at first, but I too love the style.

Plain, maybe could use some additions, but it’s elegant and seems to work.

Octo reporting for booty! :smiley:

Hey, I like the style of the forum!
I’m looking forward to this project :smiley:

I’M AFRAID OF CHANGE! What should I do?

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Coming out of xenforno, I’ll have to get used to this interfance, it’s so white…


I want to add themes. Haven’t gotten that far yet. First priority was getting it online so people could use it.


Hide in a box, in a basement, under a blanket

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I like Xenforo but I never had the patience to sit around and mess with it I’d just install it on a vps to mess around to see if I liked it. I’m interested to see what kinda themes this software has though.

None are built in. They would have to be written be scratch. Could take some time. I might be wrong about this though as I’ve never used Discourse before. Could be that a quick google search points me to themes or tells me about the ones I didn’t see while bumbling around. Anyway, will look into this probably tomorrow.

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Welcome to the forums!

Hey Kainzo! Glad the gang’s all here!

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Hey no rush, we all want this to go as fast as possible and sometimes we overwork ourselves so don’t rush it because no one wants fast sloppy work rather than slower better work.

Yello! Looking forward to the hopefully bright future that seems more likely now than eve before.

This forum looks great!