HumanEntity VS Player

What are the differences between HumanEntity and Player?

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The Player class extends HumanEntity, Conversable, CommandSender, OfflinePlayer, and PluginMessageRecipient. Which means it has access to most if not all the features of those classes and allows you to cast, for example, the Player class to a CommandSender instance.

The HumanEntity class extends different things. Basically a Player class is a glorified HumanEntity class.


A HumanEntity represents a ‘Human’. A Player represents a human with an actual player in control.


A human as in a what? A steve/alex? What about “FakePlayers” or NPC’s?

I think Human Entities are how the NPC plugin was created. They just spawn a HumanEntity instance and assign stuff to it, and kill or modify its AI.

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Wasn’t HumanEntity used back in the day when you could still spawn Steve mobs?

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Thanks for your reply :wink:

It is still used today…

Well yeah, as an abstract class as a base for Player but back then I don’t think it was abstract though.

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