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Finally on Ore!

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HuskyCrates is the premier Crate plugin for all SpongePowered servers! With tons of features to choose from you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll find yourself absolutely awestruck with how cute the mas-- err, how much you can do so simply with HuskyCrates!

We’re currently going through a big rewrite together with tons of new features and tons of bugs fixed, so bear with me! I’ll make sure this is a fun ride for us all.


Written in the context of the rewrite.

  • Entirely reworked effect system!
    • Custom scripting using JavaScript!
    • Custom particles!
    • Custom colors, which are also scriptable!
    • Preset animations and color animations
    • Customize animations on…
      • idle (crate sitting there, doing nothing)
      • open (person uses crate)
      • win (person collects reward from crate)
      • reject (person tries to use crate with invalid / no / not enough keys)
      • Custom Events! (e.g. run special animation on reward) NYI
    • Ability to just have no particles! Wow!
  • Improved reward system with new reward types!
    • servercommand usercommand servermessage usermessage item effect (effect is nyi)
    • Quality of life features are cool, right?
    • Select a group of rewards at random, rather than all at once, with a given amount to select, or not.
    • Command groups! NYI
      • This means one “Reward” from a random selection can actually have multiple effects at once
      • Helpful for when you need to send a message, give an item and run a command all in the same selection.
  • Improved key system!
    • Crates can now consume a set amount of keys per use
    • Crates can use special keys with their own unique identifiers (e.g. coolkey can be used on gemcrate)
    • Crates still have their own keys, but now they can be customized.
      • Crate’s “local keys” are disabled when “external keys” are defined by default. This is toggle-able, however.
  • Improved Database system!
    • Still using H2 only for now (will change in a future prerelease)
    • No longer updates database immediately. Will push only new changes (preventing lag!) every minute.
  • Improved Hologram System! (currently not implemented!)
    • Custom, multi-line, configurable holograms for your crates.
      • Running a promotion? Slap a Woah! 25% off! below the main crate line!
    • Ability to change how high the hologram is displayed!
    • Literally turn off the stupid things if you want!
  • Brandable Crate Views!
    • You can now change the border and selector items via config!
    • Eventually, you’ll be able to change the sounds as well! Woah!


Demo Video



Why should I donate, codeHusky?
Well, if your server is making money off of the keys from this plugin, and doing quite well from it, I can only ask you to donate to me on Patreon. It supports development of this plugin which in turn helps you keep making money and helping your server. You could pretty much think of it like this: I help you make money, and in turn you encourage me to keep helping.

You aren’t required to donate, though. :slight_smile: But hey, pizza is always nice.

Donate here.


I am aware that GPLv3 allows you to redistribute this plugin wherever you want for the most part. While you can do this, I would like to personally request that you do not make a forum topic or mod page for this plugin on other sites without letting me know. I kinda want to manage how my plugin is portrayed, so I’ll most likely post it myself there if you ask. Thanks!~

Discord Support / Suggestions

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Optional Downloads and Links!

Wiki - Check here for config & command stuff.
Config Creator / Editor
Discord Support


A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

This is a POTENTIAL bugfix for a user-experience-critical bug. Please read.

  • Attempts to fix an issue where a user can get stuck in an inventory-close loop, preventing them from using the chat, ESC menu, inventory, etc.

You will NEED the latest HuskyUI for this update. Get it here:


A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

Please make sure you’re using a current version of Sponge before reporting issues.

  • Fixed double reward issue (mostly a HuskyUI bug)
  • Added /hc genitem, which outputs the item in your hand to generateditems.conf for ease of configuring the plugin.

You need the latest HuskyUI (0.6.0-PRE4) for this to work.

Get it here.


is this mod available on pixelmon
Grear mod xD


Well, no, it’s not a “pixelmon mod.” It’s a Sponge plugin.


Just wondering how is the /hc protected from normal users to abuse that ? it’s says there is no permissions in documentation


/hc’s commands are restricted to the huskycrates.admin permission IIRC. I need to document that.


A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

  • Added scrambleSlots as a feature. Now you can scramble slots again for your spinner views
  • Fixed a null error with /hc genitem


A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

  • Performance optimizations
  • Fixed a spammy error when an animation preset isn’t defined