📦 HuskyCrates [v1.8.0-PRE2.1] [API 5-7] - Now with GUI Configuration!


Do you know that plugin called CratesReloaded that costed money to just allow you to use some cool crate GUI with some fancy-smancy particle effects? Well, I’m bringing that to Sponge, and for free! Because I’m not greedy and partially because I can’t sell this on the forums. :3 andbecauseiwouldn’tanywayunlesssomeonecommisionedit

But yeah, this is a crate plugin. Go look at the media, since I’m one of the devs that do that on this site.

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Wiki - Check here for config & command stuff.
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:information_source: Features

Update to this section coming soon, for now check the wiki out for more info. Also, check out these fancy pictures! :slight_smile:

:video_camera: Media

Config Explanation + Colorfulness…

Roulette Crate!!


Multiple crates!

Entity Crates!

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Well, if your server is making money off of the keys from this plugin, and doing quite well from it, I can only ask you to donate to me on Patreon. It supports development of this plugin which in turn helps you keep making money and helping your server. You could pretty much think of it like this: I help you make money, and in turn you encourage me to keep helping.

You aren’t required to donate, though. :slight_smile: But hey, pizza is always nice.

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I am aware that GPLv3 allows you to redistribute this plugin wherever you want for the most part. While you can do this, I would like to personally request that you do not make a forum topic or mod page for this plugin on other sites without letting me know. I kinda want to manage how my plugin is portrayed, so I’ll most likely post it myself there if you ask. Thanks!~

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HuskyCrates will contact the GitHub API to see if it is up to date. If it is not, it will warn the server owner in the logs. That is currently the only “phoning home” this plugin does.

:arrow_down: Downloads, again…

Wiki - Check here for config & command stuff.
GitHub Releases
Config Creator / Editor
Discord Support

MenuAPI - Easily create GUIs
HuskyCrates - CratesReloaded. But for Sponge. And free. :)
Pixelmon Plugin Request
Random sign rewards plugin
Web-API [v4] - AdminPanel & RESTful web server [now with screenshots!]
Web-API - Provides an admin panel and API for your Minecraft server
[Temp Closed] codeHusky - Competitively Priced Husky Plugins~!
HuskyCrates - A Free, Straight-Forward and Feature-Filled Crates Plugin!

After work look. Interesting.

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I dunno why ziceptor.


You just have to do without links :slight_smile:
Edit: Just text


Cant wait to see the first release mate! keep up the wonderful work.


Can't wait for this!


Looked. Beauty. Will wait. GIF (Not true. The video in the first post.)


I think you used an old bugged out version for that gif, but yeah.


What was on github


that means nothing...


Of course it does not. Your video explains a lot :wink:


I've updated the OP with a link to the features everyone is currently waiting on for the first release. I might start releasing some indev builds soon before v1.0, though.
Here's the link if you're lazy: https://github.com/codeHusky/HuskyCrates-Sponge/issues/1

And some stupid art thing


<3 how long until estimate release/beta release?


I've got a fever of 102° and a headache right now. Hopefully by tomorrow but I have no idea.


oo damn! Make sure you eat your greens! lol Good luck, Can't wait!


Awesome looking forward to testing


just to clarify. Will you be able to set commands into the chests? Im running a pixelmon server and want to make a shiny & Legend Crate :smiley:


Yes you'll be able to set commands.


Woop! So Excited to set up 400 commands! haha GL!


You don't have to setup commands for EVERY Pokemon if that's what you mean by "400 Commands" :stuck_out_tongue: . Not sure if it's vanilla Pixelmon or not, but there should be a command /pokegive playername random, or if you want a shiny /pokegive player random s. Although I don't think there is anything for Legendaries right now.