šŸ“¦ HuskyCrates [v1.8.0-PRE2.1] [API 5-7] - Now with GUI Configuration!


v1.2.0-BETA has been released

Please make me aware of any issues with API 5, or any API, if any arise! Thanks~


  • Custom messages (see wiki for more details)
  • NBT Tag support
  • /crate keyAll <crate> [amount]


  • Crates make sounds from their location
  • Crates load after server starts to prevent mod item issues.
  • Particles have random offsets to particles to make them appear more individual.

More gameplay-esque features coming in v1.3.0


v1.2.1-BETA has been released!

New Features

  • /crate wand <id>
  • Entity Crates!


  • Stopped assuming positions had to be integers


v1.2.1-BETA has been released!

This release is important if you were suffering from "INVALID CRATE TYPE" issues.


  • Fixed a bug that reported an invalid crate type if you had capital letters in your crate id


  • Removed some unused code.


can you add percentage for random dive rewand ?


could you try typing that again?


Can you add percentage for random give rewand ?

Example Reward Percentage :
100 Percent = 10 Dirt
50 Percent = 10 Iron
30 Percent = 10 Diamond
10 Percent = 10 Emerald


I'm not entirely sure how you'd have 100% and then other percentages, but HuskyCrates does have a weight system.


New roulette crate view coming soon!


There any chance at making say, a web app, to put together a config or convert old ones? Mine still won't convert but im not doing this all by hand again. Took hours before.


I might end up making a standalone converter. I wish the converter wasn't problematic, but it is. Have you tried converting with 1.2.3 or at least a recent version?

If possible could you send me your config again? I'd convert it for you.


Yeah I tried. I'll send it over when I'm home


Thanks Vince. :slight_smile:


Feel free lol


Config Converter v0.1.0 has been released!

This is the first release of the converter. If any issues arise, please report them to the discord or GitHub!
Check the main post for download links.


Did that work for you?


yup, that seemed to have worked!


Wonderful! Glad that the plugin is working for ya now. Also glad to have you back as a user.


HuskyCrates v1.3.0/v1.3.1 has been released!

New Features

  • Roulette view for crates!
  • Better error logging for configs in the case of invalid items.
  • Blacklisting (refusing to start when loaded) exploit-causing mods (InventoryTweaker)


  • Crate item entries no longer require name=""
  • Fixed issue with new error logging system and overrideItem


  • Removed old converter calls, no longer used. Use the standalone converter. :slight_smile:


Wont load the crates.
Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Got this directly from your converter


I can tell that's not directly from my converter because you have lang{} entries. Join the Discord if ya want timely support, otherwise here.

Lang can go inside of a crate object. Putting it in crates {} will Break things, so putting it inside of crates{ examplecrate{}} would work. Lang would be in crates {examplecrate{lang{}}
Make sure you don't break the spacing either.