๐Ÿ“ฆ HuskyCrates [v1.8.0-PRE2.1] [API 5-7] - Now with GUI Configuration!


So i used the converter and renamed the file to huskycrates and removed the old one. I didn't get anything... so i kept both files in and it doesn't work properly, i can spawn everything in, just can't use the keys on the chests?


Why were you using the converter? It helps if you send me the file you put through it.


[Hidden Link]

I can still make crates and shiny keys with ths,,, just cant use em


Yeah, for some reason your converter output didn't have crate types. I'll check it out for you and possibly update the converter


Thanks buddy! this plugin is coming on nicely


Thanks. That update / patch should be out in a bit, addressing some small issues with the main plugin atm :slight_smile:


I've posted a new release on GitHub Releases on the converter. Download that and give it another try.


v0.1.1 HuskyCrates Config Converter has been released


  • Fixed types not being declared in converter output


  • Automatically change ยง to &


Do i rename the file "converted" into "huskycrates" ? or do i leave both files in?


You have to rename converted.


HuskyCrates v1.5.0-BETA has been released!

This is definitely an update to back up your configs before using.

v0.2.0 HuskyCrates Config Converter has also been released in accordance to config changes in this update.

New Features

  • reward{} is now rewards=[], allowing for multiple rewards at once!
  • /hc to check plugin version.


  • Added basic converter from single reward to rewards.
  • Changed CrateReward system
  • Added notices for using tester-mode keys (keys aren't taken away on use`
  • Virtual keys are no longer used up in tester mode.


  • Fixed issue with having a crate lang but no global lang causes a null pointer exception


is it possible to lower the crate animation time? i feel like its really lodng compared to all spigot/bukkit crate plugins default settings, if theres no way to change it can i suggest you to add it so we can change the amount of seconds it takes to pick the reward?


It all comes down to your maxClicks setting. Changing your dampening and maxClicks and tuning them is a crucial part of setting up your crate properly. Lower max clicks and lower dampening equals faster crate, but unless you increase your dampening the crate will abruptly stop.


Happy 100 Download Milestone!

HuskyCrates v1.5.0 hit over 100 downloads recently! Thanks to all the servers using the plugin!

In the mean time, a new user interface system (in-game) for making crates is coming up!


Pre-releases posted for v1.6.0

Check GitHub Releases for info.


Is there a way to add custom items? I'm using commandbooks, so I would like to add those books into the crates.


Probably a commandbooks give command would work.


I am having a difficult time getting this config written up. Can anybody just give a sample or simple config that I can edit/copy the format?

Thank you very much for your time.


There is an example config on the wiki if you'd like.


Today is a bit of an exciting day.

v1.6.0 has been released!

This is a huge update! Make sure to back up things before updating!

New Features

  • Left-Clicking a crate (when in survival when tester, any gamemode when not) displays a view of all possible rewards in a simple little frame. options{ showRewardsOnLeft=true }
    • This is by using HuskyUI v0.2.1, which is explained later...
  • Rewards can now be optionally scrambled each time when opened to allow for "more randomness".
    • options{ scrambleRewards=true }
  • Better version checking mechanism
    • Will check for updates every server reload and on startup.
    • Notifies players on join and after plugin reloads.
    • Notifies huskycrates.adminlog permission users only.
  • Allow users to properly use damage values with crate blocks with crateBlockDamage in options.
  • Added Anti-Dupe system, which notifies huskycrates.adminlog permission users when a user trys to use a legacy key, or a newly duped key.
    • This update makes old (legacy) keys essentially useless, so make sure everyone on your server uses their keys before updating.


  • Fixed holograms snapping to the corners of blocks when crates were not placed in spawn / always loaded chunks.


  • HuskyCrates now requires HuskyUI v0.2.1
  • Added InventorySorter and MouseTweaks to the banned mod list for exploit risks.
  • Version checking works properly now.

!!!! Before you download !!!!

HuskyCrates now requires HuskyUI v0.2.1. When updating HuskyCrates in the future, please use the last version suggested on a release post rather than the absolute latest copy.

Check the original post for links to GitHub Releases, the HuskyCrates release and HuskyUI!