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It's on the roadmap.


This plugin is absolute trash. All the development that was paid for this plugin was by a server which no longer is run by the same person. Donating isn't a way of encouraging further development however it is the only way this plugin will get any. A private version of this already does exist and until some proper developer is actually willing to fork this or just develop a new plugin no new features are going to be added. Just wanted to make that clear to all those who are waiting for this plugin to be updated which it doesn't seem like it ever will without "donators".


Think you misunderstood what I meant. Yeah I'd gladly donate for your hard work, but I'm not gonna donate just to make you add a feature. If the development was active on this plugin I'd regularly donate to you. Hell I make more then enough to do so. Just see no active updates on this up until last week. I know school and vacation was going on so fingers are crossed for more regular updates and willingness to take suggestions. If you are looking for regular work I'll gladly hire you on as a dev as well


Try to think about it from his perspective, would you spend your time developing a plugin without any financial return? I know I wouldn't, and I bet you wouldn't be able to find a "proper developer" who would work on this for free. Also, I don't know where you got the idea that this plugin is trash from, it works without a flaw on my server and has the best GUI of all the public crate plugins out there.


You are all aware that I have tons of other paying or more fun software ventures than some silly plugin that I get no money for, right? Sure people donated in the past, that wasn't necessarily why I was working on the plugin then (I just had too much free time) but I mean, if people wanna start being assholes because I'm doing my best to keep up with issues and redundant suggestions or questions with the plugin, then everyone can just enjoy an out of date plugin. If you show some gratitude for me actually releasing an open source, free crate plugin on the forum, please do. Being an asshat doesn't get you anything from me, and the only reason why "donors" would help development is that I'd spend more of my limited free time atm on this plugin rather than something that will make me enough money to get some decent mobile development hardware.


And most of the things suggested were already planned months ago. Have you been glanced at the repo? There's stuff happening and planned features and all kinds of fun stuff


And just so you know, that development was not "paid for". I just randomly got a ton of money from a server and I decided that I'd do what they requested and do a bit of work. And then I continued working on it at a more regular rate before I became swamped with robotics and related projects.


I'd take a glance at GitHub and you'll see that there's stuff "actively being worked on". I'm struggling to make some stuff that I want for a new version release to work, mostly due to sponge issues. I didn't note this anywhere because I didn't realize I was going to be attacked for "not doing anything" by two people, but hey.


And honestly, I've gotten a ton of commission requests and I have had to turn them down because of how busy I've been if that gives you any idea. I'd love to make some cash or just work on some plugins, but I have responsibilities right now and I have to keep myself sane.


@codeHusky Sorry for bad English. Your rant brings a smile. Take the example of dualspiral :wink:


I really don't know what your referring to.


Not an attack or an order Husky, but chill :slight_smile:
You've no call to defend yourself against the inevitable trolls that will surface.
Anyone reading through the prior posts or the Git will see that what's been asked for is already on the plan.

As I believe Erectus said, the plugin is fine. Better than. A free (I believe currently unique in style) plugin with help from the developer?
Sure, sign me up for that. Not that you can, as I'm aware and appreciative and already on board.

I get people are busy - I'm trying to set up some private work from Hassan at the moment. That's going as smoothly as anyone aware of his track record for updates could expect. But I understand the man is busy with reality. He I believe goes to school. He's part of at least one team that likely requires his attention. He will have off-days. Busy days. Unexpected illness and events. Other projects we know nothing about. Just as Husky will / does.

I've yet to pay him (Hassan) at the moment as he's currently pricing up my proposals, but even when I have paid him, I'm going to allow some leeway because that's what life is - although admittedly I will take care to outline just how much before hand, because as life is like that, taking precautions is the smart thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I was in a situation where I could donate / hire more than one developer at present, but money is tight due to ... you guessed it, life. I'm moving, changing jobs, packing and shipping and buying anew ... all that fun stuff. But the free time I do have whilst updating and waiting for back-ups to finish I spend on these forums, helping out when I can, which is rare considering my lack of ability with all things Java, and essentially doing what I believe Husky has done and venting out the stresses of life.


Husky, you're great. Doing great work. Free work. Take your time.
People in support / understanding this is charity, not a right. Woo. Let's keep the morale up. Help where we can, with money / time / help on these threads.
Those who aren't or don't ... Try considering the situation from a different perspective. There's only so much people can give.


Thanks for the nice post. Just gonna chill for a while here and do more roboticsing.

If anyone wants evidence that im doing stuff, St Louis FRC world competition with the Darwin divisio, team 2512.


I saw Darwin, and robot.


Close enough :slight_smile:


To help take the edge off, once I get caught up in my own work, and become more available in these upcoming weeks, I'm more than willing to make contributions to the code to help you get this plugin to where you have your eyes set. The heat you've taken lately just from these past few days of comments is ridiculous, and I feel as if I should step in and do my part to help you relax.


And just so everyone knows, if you suggest something that's already been suggested I'll probably either tell you it is or just ignore it. Please check the GitHub issues for the planned feature list.

Also, thanks Nick.


Meant to ask, not sure if even possible.
Is there a way to hold an item, or a stack of items in your hand and the have a command run to add it with a certain chance percentage and what crate it would go to?
Now that is something i'd gladly donate for :slight_smile:


Something along those lines is being worked on.


Alright, thank you code. Appreciate the work you put in.


Slightly off-topic but have fun at the FIRST event?
What knocked you out?