📦 HuskyCrates [v2.0.0-PRE8] [API 5-7] - Give everyone keys, use Custom Particles, Keys, and more!


this is what i mean


I don’t see a bug.
Again, HuskyCrates won’t show the final click over to the prize. It just snaps into the win screen.


but its still weird like for example before the last tick its on bedrock then at the last tick it stops and the 3rd item which is supposed to be the second tick is the item he gets if you understand what i mean


… I really don’t.


look you said that it maybe ticks 2 times even if you don’t hear it right? there is for example a bedrock between the torches behind the bedrock is a stone then there is a diamond so it ticks till the diamond but it still gives a item that doesn’t receive a tick at all so 4 items are in the chest Bedrock, Stone, Diamond, Bricks

the diamonds are the last 2 ticks the diamonds should be given but instead off the diamonds the bricks are given this is just an example


The thing is, it doesn’t seem like it’s ignoring your probability so it’s working as expected despite some graphical issues. I’ll look into it, but I don’t think this is a huge problem.


nah its not :slight_smile: its just the player who uses the chest might report it as a bug to the server
eventough its not really a bug


I’ll take a look, but definitely isn’t a super high priority.


^^ take ur time :smiley:


Hey husky, have you considered making an API for this plugin? I would really love to integrate HuskyCrates into my Web-API. That would allow users to manage and hand out crates/keys to players through a web interface/admin panel :smile:


Yeah, unfortunately I do not right now. I’ve simply got too much other stuff going on personally and with development on the project to stop and work on an api.


If you have any suggestions for the API, I’d be glad to hear them. Feel free to put an issue on my repo.


v1.7.2 has been released!


  • Fixed an issue with crate-specific lang overrides being ignored


For some reason version 1.7.2 doesn’t load neither do i get errors in console but when i type the command it just says “That command could not be found”


It helps if you post your logs


won’t be able to since i downgraded to 1.7.1 :confused:

i can post you the logs i have tough lemme get em from the server :confused:

Log says its not loaded at all

so i do have another logs like that one above



Could you go back, reinstall 1.7.2 and then give me your fml latest log? If you don’t I can’t help you


Can you help me? I’m using your example configuration and I just changed the second count, because I want to create a pokemon box and I would be testing, two problems came up, after showing the prize, the pokemon is not given, I even tried to change %p for my nickname and even So it did not work, the other problem is that the sprite gets buggy texture in black and purple and does not show the image of the pokemon, but that’s not important, I just need to know why the pokegive command is not running. Thanks.

Config: https://pastebin.com/9DQArZQA


type=command, not type=cmd


Getting this error in 1.7.2 https://pastebin.com/AFPS2DNC