HyperQuest - Questing and adventure map tools for mapmakers [Cancelled]

Sorry to announce this but the project will be discontinued as I work on smaller projects.

Hey, I am kourbou.
I’ll be developing the HyperQuest and HyperQuest API on the SpongeAPI. I decided I’d give a heads up about what’s coming from me. So here is an FAQ while you are waiting for more info. :wink: Here it is: (image courtesy of @xxmarijnw and FinsGraphics

##HyperQuest FAQ ##

Q: What is HyperQuest and/or HyperQuestAPI?
HyperQuest and its API are open-source plugins I am planning to develop to help create Adventures and adventure maps SSP/SMP side. My goal is to create a plugin that loads a folder RessourcePack-like (maybe zip) with the map world, information, textures, sounds, mobs, bosses, items, blocks, and most importantly quests (and a quest-log?). The concept of the API, however, is for developers and Mapmakers to go even further in their map creation and design custom things all connected to the core mod and loaded in the plugin folder of Sponge.

Q:When will you be releasing it?
For the moment I want to create the architecture. Of course I need the SpongeAPI so I can’t really get started yet. But I hope to have it done (at least an alpha a while after Sponge’s release).

Q:Why choose Sponge over Forge, Husk, Granite, etc…
Sponge and its Forum is a very good, active and mature community and the SpongeAPI looks very solid. I like the idea of its simplicity / structure. I think it would be easy for a player to integrate the HyperQuest mod in their Minecraft client and easily start an Adventure alone or with friends.

Q:Will we be able to download maps directly from a store, the client?
No, this is against the general consensus of Sponge and it would be a security issue.

Q:Where is the GitHub, source code for the plugin?
Here is is: https://github.com/kourbou/HyperQuest. Feel free to help!

More to come on this page (including a sneak peak of the WIP Pixel Art GUI of quests and quest-logs).


Will this be a single core whit some features or multiple plugins on top of the core?

I am not sure what you mean. The UltimateQuest plugin loads files in a seperate folder to build an adventure map and the API allows developers to add more features to their map using a Sponge plugin. I hope this answers your question.

Please take the time to create an in depth tutorial when you have this out for general consumption. It sounds very good.

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Thanks for the feedback man! I’m not going to make a text tutorial… I’m going to make a video series! Just because I think it’ s the best way of teaching how to use an API.

I love the idea! :smiley:

A few questions and suggestions:

  • Will we be able to use e.g. Lua scripts in Command Blocks (like /lua questtext.lua) or just plain text command files with a bit of a scripting approach?
  • And I think there should be a kind of store, but just as a website where you can upload your maps and let others download them… This is not against Sponge and as long as the scripting features are sandboxed (no /op and things like that) it’s not really a security issue…
  • I don’t think it should be a client mod, will it do everything server-side (e.g. a map as GUI and a book as questlog)? I love plugins that do magical things to vanilla minecraft without the need of client mods :wink:
  • Please let the mapmakers use the Sponge ECS easily - Just imagine a giant that climbs up walls, drops wool if you shear it and explodes if you come close to him :wink:
  • Maybe: export the worlds to plain vanilla worlds, just using command blocks (pretty hard to do) :blush:
    You can just select an empty area with WorldEdit, enter /exportworld and it will export every single Script and mob abilities to command blocks and redstone…

This will definitely help Mapmakers worldwide. :smiley:

Again thanks for the positive feedback!

A scripting approach is a perfect idea. Of course the API is for true Java devs but for mapmakers who don’t know Java its perfect. I’ll definitely take this idea into mind but it wont be priority number 1 for a while.

I am not sure we are allowed. It has to be verified by a mod and honestly would take too long. Plus we would need someone to host the maps and sadly I can’t afford that yet.

I’ll do what I can. :smile:

Regarding the store: Why should you not be allowed to host minecraft maps on a completely different page, even if you include a downloader into your plugin? I don’t see anything wrong with that :wink:
I believe even paid maps can be sold completely independent from Sponge…
Hosting can be done via a filehoster, e.g. you can access files hosted on http://mega.co.nz/ with GitHub - Ale46/Mega-Java: Java library for the mega.co.nz API - you would only need some webspace with a database, and that’s not that expensive :smiley:
If the plugin is ready and you need help with that, maybe I can help you with the store :blush:

Need some help? I would be pleased to.

I’d love any help! Honestly.

All right added the beautiful logo from @xxmarijnw (Thanks a lot) and the GitHub link. Feel free to help!

Everyone please note this logo and name are temporary due to legal issues with NVIDIA. Stay in touch, more is to come.

Euh? That logo seems pretty legit. I don’t understand how nvidia could claim rights on that?

https://ultimatequest.nvidia.com :cry: Look at the trademark at the bottom. So from now one renamed to HyperQuest. (cooler name :wine_glass: )

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We updated the logo and relevant, to solve the legal issues with NVIDIA. We also updated the README.md in GitHub by adding some new languages (we still need more people to translate) and clearified it a bit.

Sorry to announce this but the project will be discontinued as I work on smaller projects. It might come back into development if I have more time (less school). I plan to work on it. In the future. I promise.