I cant move when i log

Hi, i have a huge problem. I can’t move on my sponge server that is connected with waterfall.I can build and break but can’t move. There are no errors in logs. When i teleport my screen start shaking and i can’t do anything. Mods that i use: Pixelmon Reforged Plugins: GriefPrevention, WorldEdit, LuckPerms, Nucleus. Please help.

If you remove luckperms, are you able to move? If so its a permissions issue, meaning that we would need to see the permissions you have given

Tried without luckperms, but it keeps happening

Just reread your plugins list. GriefPrevention doesnt work anymore. Its been replaced with GriefDefender

Yeah i have GriefDefender , i write wrong sorry

So is it working now?