I can't move

Hi, i have a huge problem. I can’t move on my sponge server that is connected with waterfall. I’m playing and sometimes i lag and can’t move. I can build and break but can’t move. There are no errors in logs. When i teleport my screen start shaking and i can’t do anything. Mods that i use: Pixelmon Generations, Biomes O’ Plenty. Plugins: UniverseGuard, WorldEdit, LuckPerms, Nucleus, PixelAutoMessages. Sorry for my bad English. Please help.

Have you given yourself permissions within LuckPerms?

Yes, i give myself “*” permission.

“*” is not supported in Sponge. LuckPerms only has it for backwards compatibility reasons and plugins like Nucleus get confused on when you give all permissions resulting in you having permissions to do something and not to do something.

I would remove LuckPerms temporary, if you can move without it, add it back and setup permissions properly.

You can read how to do permissions properly on the sponge docs


I’ll try this, thank you Mosemister.

Maybe try Velocity instead? Would that work?

While Velocity was designed with Forge in mind, waterfall is designed to assist platforms such as forge use the Bungee software, so a issue like this isnt likely to be the cause.

Don’t get me wrong, it could be (all software has its bugs)