I got help but now i need more please

Everything was fine with my server but now every time i join it it only load a single chunk, renders everything else, then crashes and gives me this error [16:42:02] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Loading tweak class name net.minecraftfo - Pastebin.com
It doesn’t even happen to my friend at all either. I’m so confused

EDIT: It seems that after removing “griefprevention-1.12.2-” It stopped. Why? did i download the wrong version?

Another Edit: Aaaaand now it doesnt matter if i have it in or not it still does it

It seems like your optifine shader is corrupt or missing. Im not a client guy myself so i dont know if it is that. But majority of the errors relate to missing files. The first error relates to a class in optifine missing, so optifine may need updating

Update Farseek.

Thank you. i believe it helped.