I need pixelmon Global Trade Station

i’m new to this forum
and I can’t find the pixelmon sidemod global trade station for my server version: i need the version 6.0 or above because i’m running a 1.12.2 sponge forge server.

can anyone help me to find the sidemod?


This is Sponge not Pixelmon forums. you should head to their discord and ask I’m sure you will have many of your question in regarding of Pixelmon resolve there. However if you have any related to spongepowered we will be glad to answer them <3

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GTS is actually a sponge plugin, so he is not wrong in posting here. The Pixelmon discord can be accessed through discord.gg/pixelmon, and we will be glad to sort you out :slight_smile:

Yeah i have already asked on the discord. And i have it now

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