I seem to have an issue running Sponge on my Forge server


So when I run my server it goes a good while before crashing but suddenly it will spout a bunch of sponge stuff. It says there is an error in Sponge itself. I’m not sure how to fix this at all. I used the latest sponge from a few days ago as I run the most up to date forge on my server not the recommended one.

https://pastebin.com/4E2Hfy9k This is the full console log of the server when it crashes


There are a lot of mixen errors when your server is booting. The crash that kills your server seems to be a mixen error too, the two are probably related.

Try launching your sponge before any mods, you can do this by using Sponge bootstrap or just renaming sponge to aaasponge.


It seems to still do the same thing. I don’t have the best server for it currently. Could it possibly be an issue with Ram?

05.09 15:24:04 [Server] main/INFO [Phosphor Plugin]: Sponge has been detected on the classpath! Enabling Sponge specific patches...
05.09 15:24:04 [Server] main/WARN [Phosphor Plugin]: We cannot currently detect if you are using Sponge's async lighting patch. If you have not already done so, please disable it in your configuration file for SpongeForge or you will run into issues.

Did you disable Sponge’s async lighting ?


I did not and I didn’t even see that those lines or I would have done that before I posted haha. That did seem to fix it, but now I’m getting an “Encountered an unexpected exception” I believe the cause is a “Ticked Entity”

https://pastebin.com/96QAv9Fs If one of you could help with this it’d be great. I’m not sure if it is sponge related anymore though.


The issue seems to be related to OTGCore. Try reporting it to them. Here is more info on the error.



At last check, open terrain generators is not compatible with sponge.
If you want to use OTG to generate the world, we recommend removing sponge, pre-generating the world using OTG, And then removing OTG and adding back in sponge.

This may have been fixed already, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been.


I actually didn’t intend to use OTG. It was added accidentally and I hadn’t removed all of the stuff from it. That was my bad entirely. This is indeed fixed now.