I think I got a virus on my iPad

This only happens on sponge forums: When using chrome for iOS, every time I click a few buttons this pops up: http://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/34373859.jpg
I’m not stupid ;-;

@lukegb Seems like your easter egg is malfunctioning.

Which buttons are you pressing?

I have no idea it just seens to occur randomly. Sometimes it’s when I try to use quick post toolbar, and I got it once trying to do stuff in my profile.

I’ve had that happen to me on my iPad as well, it’s nothing to worry about as @gabizou said.

I’ve only seen it happen once.

I’m using Safari and have no issues :wink:
iPad Mini Retina on iOS8 here.

It has happened to me 5 or so times, but I can’t make it trigger.

Oh, you added support for that code now! Tried it in Sept (I think?) and it didn’t work, but now it does :smiley: I will never not approve :slight_smile: I also sometimes read the raw text of posts and threads… it’s interesting what shows up!<here’s my little easter egg: go do the same code on vogue.co.uk :wink: