I thought inventories were working

I had thought that inventories were partially implemented, yet with the lasted version of sponge, and forge, I get the following AbstractMethodError. Is the implementation just not done yet, or am I just doing it wrong?

No they are not implemented yet.
you will have to use nms for the time being

The Inventory API is not implemented, but the inventory events are implemented.

Oh, ok. Thanks… I guess my plugin competition submission will have to wait.
Any ETA for the API? If I’m not mistaken its @mumfrey whoes working on it, right?

Correct, he’s working on it, it’s not the easiest thing to implement sanely.

Well ok. Thanks for the info.

Theres no reason why you cant use base nms to work with inventory.

I have a reason: its evil
Rather then skirt the API I think I can afford to wait. Thanks for the suggestion though.