[Idea] Centralized Player Trust Level Repository

This is just an idea I had a while ago that I’m throwing out there. It goes like this:

It would be a centralized repository on which you could run a trust inquiry for a specific player. Known reported events like bans, warnings, etc, would lower you trust level. The more popular a server is, the greater it would affect your trust level. You could restore your trust level by waiting or grow it past the initial level by playing on servers.

A server plugin could log these automatically to the repo. You could even make it that under a certain treshold, a player would not be allowed access to the server or even be permanently banned.

So say a trouble player on a big server like Hypixel or Minecade could be auto-banned on your own small server.

What do you think?

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This already exists. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d love to see this.

It does? What’s the name?


Edited my post to include a link. The one I did link isn’t the only one, though one of the more popular for sure.

I should have searched before posting. Well it’s great that exists already.

Well, yes and no.

Plenty of people have all kinds of complaints about McBans - to the point where websites designed to search these global ban lists have excluded McBans from their listing. There’s also been drama with the author, malicious code(?), etc.

I don’t really know the details, just have heard that it’s… less than perfect.
I also really do not like the idea of a /globalban command (or whatever they implement) that automatically bans people from every server which enables that command (the default). I’d much prefer some form of trust model and warnings rather than immediate banishment without anybody knowing they tried to connect. The global ban appeal system is basically overflowing with people who have been banned by the assministrators of X Salty Server Inc. for no reason at all - to the point where I’ve heard global ban appeals are automatically put through without much thought.

Grain of salt here - I’ve never actually used McBans on my own server. I very well may be ranting about nothing much.

My point is this: make a new one, if you feel like it. McBans is so old and bleh.
This is the perfect time, too. Just as Sponge is taking off, and there aren’t already any global trust list plugins.


The main complaint is that people are given special treatment on MCBans.

I’ve successfully submitted “global bans” (which btw, doesn’t actually globally ban them, but effects their reputation based on your servers reputation) with video proof of them breaking a rule that’s specified in the mcbans global ban rules, and received a penalty against my server for a false ban.

It’s just more effort then it’s worth a lot of the time. Good for a warning system to prepare your moderators, or to back up your own bans, not so good in the whole MCBans can control who can’t be banned on your server at all.

@phroa @ryantheleach

So… we’ve decided to give it a try. The current working name is the ‘Minecraft Unified Trust Repository’, but it’s really just something to fill the namespace. We’re 100% open to name suggestions.

Currently, @Kornagan is the front-end developer. I’ve taken the task of back-end developer. I’ve also gone to one of my favorite persons on the forum @Xemiru, and he’s graciously taken on the task of developer and documentor.

If you want to take a look at what we’re working with, feel free to check out the Google Doc. Again, we’re open to suggestions.

The current idea of the ‘trust system’ is set to avoid abuse. Several factors are taken into consideration. The plugin that did the banning, the server, the banner themselves, and of course the person who was banned.

We’re currently looking into affecting trust for other things such as kicks/tempbans as well. Of course, given the jokey-nature of those commands sometimes, we’re not entirely certain how we would deal with it.

The reason we’re looking at factors other than the person being banned is, simply, the ability to abuse the system. To avoid rogue servers, admins, or servers purposely abusing the trust level of another player, all of those factors would be taken into account. As far as how that’s judged is, again, up for debate.


Here’s some name ideas:

MC Unified Trust Repo
MC Global Trust

That first one is already pretty much what we’re using. :stuck_out_tongue: Why not put these suggestions on the doc, so that we have a better way of tracking them?

Shorter = Simpler :wink:

Will do that in the future.


To be fair, competition may not benefit from an extra ‘standard’ when there are already 14. However, as far as “trust standards” go, there’s one or two. Maybe three. Competition is good. :smile:

“MUTR” (Muter, i.e Silencer), interesting phonetic choice. Was that intentional?

@ryantheleach The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from!


Originally, it was just UTR, without the Minecraft. After I realized the potential, I changed it to MUTR. :stuck_out_tongue:

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my $0.02 would be something like ‘spiderweb’.

Web of Trust, and all that stuff. Stallman would be proud.


I don’t like this idea. Some people misbehaved in the past and were banned on other servers. When a moderator gets to see the list of bans when the player first logs in, he will either ban him instantly or watch him all the time.

Minecraft multiplayer is great because because there are so many independent servers (with their own ban list). You can just switch the server and start again.

Many of the staff members on my old server had a ban record on mcbans. None of them abused their powers.

That’s exactly why I’m proposing a progressive trust level rather than a ban list. You can regain your trust by being a good player on other servers.

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