If Commands Suddenly Stopped Working

Let’s put this in perspective:
Sponge is the only server hosting platform for Minecraft
There is only one version anyone can use ever
Suddenly every single server’s commands stop working

What happens?

There’s a Forge version and a Vanilla version.

Let’s say that Sponge is the only implementation (As in it’s what Mojang provides for everyone to use)

This is fictional, btw.

Let me clarify:
No minecraft_server.jar, no spigot, no glowstone, no bukkit, just Sponge.

We all die, obviously.


The minecraft economy collapses. Better blame Obama for this one just to be safe


Servers with overcomplicated plugin setups will die, and I will rewrite my plugins so that the command logic is executed when a specific chat message is sent ( \cmd or #cmd).

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I would not care. My server (currently not public) does not use commands, it only uses events, So that server will work fine :wink: