I'm not backing down

Continuing the discussion from I never said that:

Look, until you guys take the time to tell me you realize I’m on your side and not trying to shut you down, than I will stop it.

I’ll just make new posts every time you do this. Never will I stop until I get what I wanted, you guys to realize I’m on your side. Got it?

If you bann me, I’ll make a new account.

If you make it so my email can’t make new accounts, I’ll make a new one.

If you make it so my type of email can’t join, I’ll go to a new email site.

I will never stop until I get you to say below that I’m not trying to shut down Sponge.

Why do you care so much?

When you stop creating throw away accounts with negative messages, creating flame bait threads and start participating in civilized discussion. Then you can say ‘you’re on our side’.

You attitude to keep going is not contributing towards this project. You’re only making yourself look bad.


When you stop what you’re doing, I’ll stop. Got it? I’m not going to take it anymore. I’ll make a website if I have to. My god, I’ll make a new type of internet if I have to. I’m tired you guys doing this too me. I already ordered backup. I don’t care if backup doesn’t come, I’ll fight on my own if I have to, I’ve already done it.

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We get it. You’re on our side. You can relax now. Please.

If you have any more grand ideas, have you considered looking at the code on Git and maybe working on a Pull request?


Thank you. Now I’ll stop. Now I’m happy.

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Very well put @Inscrutable

Thanks for finally saying it. That’s all I wanted. Now I’ll stop. Goodbye forever, can’t wait until the API comes out.

…Not sure if immature, hellbent, overworked, or…yeah, that other option…

(yes, I read the whole thing. yes, it was highly entertaining.)


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