Im pretty new to this.. Fatal error white Teleporting


Hey! Im totally new to server managment, plugins , ect and this problem keeps spamming my console



Yeah and when we are here… my console keeps givong me: [e[39;0m before coloured words. Yeah i googled and found its colour code… Well but i couldnt find how to fix it in my console =D thanks for any help


It seems to be a error with nucleus. It doesnt expect a name to start/contain the ‘_’ symbol. I would show the error to the nucleus devs to see if they can work on a fix

As for your colour code issue. What console are you using? (Powershell? Cmd? Kerminal? Ubuntu terminal?)


uhhh i have some panel build by my hosting… is there a way i can find that information in console?

//pretty sure its ubuntu


So its a web terminal? As in you access it through your browser? (Google Chrome, IE) is so it probably doesn’t support chat colours


Yeah it is… how can get some console that supports coloured text? .-.

//Or how can i make that text colour that the panel will accept


Depends if your host supports remote hosts. If so then you can use a 3rd party console that connects directly to your server. It essentially emulates a console and then sends all commands to your server and receives the log.

Typically if it doesn’t support chat colours you can not get it to display colours


Ok thanks for help! Btw i looked to github od nucleus. They are not responding to lots of issues…
Have a great day!


You can always try. It maybe that they are currently busy or something like that


The original error isn’t a Nucleus issue… I can reproduce it with just Sponge and a single line of code. I’ll take a look at it.


…Looks like it’s a bug with Mojang’s website? A player with the username _ has the ID 3126ba4c-6uud-424c-877d-1347fa974d23. And that’s not a valid ID - it should only have digits, hyphens, and the letters A through F, but I see 6uud in there.


I’ve reported this issue to Mojang. If they decide not to fix it, I’ll add a workaround to Sponge.


Here’s my proposed workaround.