Imgur embedded albums broken

So, I came across some embedded imgur albums here:

and they all seem to be broken. They’re invisible (so is some planetminecraft thing) and Firefox throws up a console error that it won’t take them cause they aren’t loaded over https. As soon as I change the http to https in the iframes source it works fine.

Confirmed. I’m also using Firefox.

Internet Explorer displays a warning “Only safe content is displayed”.

works for chrome

Chrome is the honeybadger of browsers and just steamrolls over everything. Some may say its not safe, but my counter is that IE blocks everything to prevent a possible (jk we all know there definitely is one or more hiding in that thing) exploit in what I have come to call the “McAfee-Norton Protocol”, and FireFox has ties in what I have come to call the “Linux-Open-Source-Security-Privacy Protocol” and takes steps to make sure nothing that isn’t perfectly built can’t be ran.

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I can safely say that I have never gotten a virus from chrome, unless you’re counting the viruses from stuff I downloaded from chrome.

Let’s not turn this into a fight over which browser is best, okay?


Internet Explorer! Is there way to make it a slideshow!?

You know this is klinda offtopic? But anyways, yeah, in the album settings afaik. Wether they are displayed like that on sponge i dunno. And automatic slideshows don’t work, pretty sure there.