Interested in Sponge, but i am very confused about it

Hello, I have been looking at Sponge API for the past month or two, but I still am rather unsure about how it works. I currently own a very active 1.8 server running on spigot, However we have been wanting to transition from our vanilla server to a modded server. The problem is that I don’t know where I should start. I have many custom plugins that I am afraid to break, but I still would rather be on a modded server via forge. Are there any server jars that are like a combination of Spigot and Forge? If not is Sponge capable of it? Is Sponge a mod or is it an actual server jar? and will it ever be able to handle spigot plugins?

Any information on this would be very nice.

Cauldron, but its no longer in official development, and is 1.7.

Sponge is a coremod, so no.

Both. There’s SpongeVanilla, the server jar, and Sponge (coremod), the Forge mod.

There is a third party plugin that plans to add support for Spigot/Bukkit plugins located here. Officially though, no.

Er, that’s like the opposite answer that I would have said.

Sponge is a coreMod, combined with the Forge server it can achieve much of what cauldron could.

A lot more than cauldron.

At some stage sure, but at the moment many things are unimplemented and do not have the performance tweaks that cauldron had.

Ok, so would I have just forge as the server jar or would I have Sponge as the server jar?
or would I have forge as the jar with sponge as a mod?

Forge as the server jar, with sponge as the mod.

Not worth it. The Bukkit API (of which Spigot uses a modified version) is rather dead, and would require massive rewrites to work in the future. Instead, look to the Sponge API to provide a flexible future-ready API. :slight_smile:

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Spigot + Forge = SpigotForge = __Sp__igotForge = Sporge = Sponge


No. Again, nothing to do with Bukkit API or spigot knockoffs.


Illuminati confirmed.


So would I still have a plugins folder with forge? btw thanks for all the help!

Forge has a ./mods folder, which you would place Sponge in, and from which Sponge plugins would be loaded.

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So if I am using pore to run bukkit plugins in the future, they would go in the mods folder?

Sponge certainly is able to run along mods.

Didn’t understand his question.

You’d have to ask the Pore developers that question.

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According to the source code at Pore/ at master · LapisBlue/Pore · GitHub the directory for Bukkit plugins in Pore is “bukkit-plugins” (relative to the current directory as opposed to the server directory) at the moment.

But why is that so important to you? As long as it works (and the README of Pore states that it might not work yet at this stage of development), you shouldn’t be too much concerned of how the actual location is called. You just drop it where it wants to be dropped and off you go :wink: