InventoryClickEvent - Q Drop not being called?

Simply put, it seems like despite my best efforts I can’t get it to check when the player is dropping items via the drop item key, in my case “Q”.

I’m unsure on whether or not this simply hasn’t been implemented fully, or if there’s some random reason behind it.

Before you ask, yes I’m running the latest version.

Try listening for DropItemEvent, since a ‘Q drop’ isn’t actually clicking.

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Sounds like a solid plan, do you know if it’s at all possible to fetch the inventory from the DropItemEvent?

if player “Q drop” , it by main hand.
and inventory is hotbar.:slight_smile:

However players can also hit q while in their inventory to drop items

ClickInventoryEvent.Drop ?:slight_smile:

Unfortunately as previously mentioned that isn’t triggered when using Q to drop items in the inventory I’m afraid

You define the Root of the event is player, and then use player.getInventory()

That’s the intended behavior; it’s entirely possible that it’s not implemented yet.