IRC with command channel, colors, %playerprefix% support

I am looking for an IRC server written for Sponge which natively supports:

  • Multiple named chat channels such as Global, Faction, etc
  • command channel, to send commands to all connected servers
  • Support for %PlayerPrefix% to add tags in player chat
  • Support for Minecraft color codes
  • Support for IRC->Minecraft color conversion, or stripping IRC colors

We have been using PurpleIRC and SimpleAlias forever to pipe op commands between multiple modpacks (/xkick /xban /xbanip /xpardon).

But PurpleIRC is not written for Sponge but rather CraftBukkit, and the programmer cnaude apparently has no interest in Sponge. Oddly we ARE able to use PurpleIRC with Sponge on 1.10 but it isn’t exactly fully functional in the manner that we need.

Trying to get CB PurpleIRC and Sponge to play well together with %PlayerPrefix% and LuckPermissions, originating from the Sponge side, has not been working out for us.