Is sponge easy to use?

This is my question. Is sponge going to be so easy to use as bukkit was?

Yes, if not easier!



It should indeed be fairly easy to use.

Depends, if your good at switching your mind set sure. We have a different way of handling entities but it allows for more flexibility

tl:dr Yes

I’m going to say probably. Truthfully, none of us have used it. But obviously, as easy as possible is their goal.

Hopefully when it comes out somebody will make a tutorial on setting it up.


Of course there will be many and if not, there will at least one, mine :wink:

At the current state it looks like every one wants to build something that fixes a lot of complaints of the “old solutions” and even it is similar to set up we may end up with it being more hassle free in the long run

Keep in mind it’s an extremely early stage of development they even still busy figuring out what they want to implement.

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