Is Sponge losing momentum already?

Not to sound pessimistic, but am I correct in saying that Sponge started with explosive force but it didn’t seem to last too long?
I’m sure hundreds of people are keeping their eyes on the Sponge Github and I should definitely not be the first one to worry about the exponential drop in commit frequency.

Anyone have any insight to what’s happening? Are the devs waiting for something? Anyone else worrying like I am?

It seems like there are still plans, just developers are busy. Just wait for it.

The answers to this similar topic from yesterday are relevant:

Short story even shorter: “commits may come in large batches and not continuously every day”.


Most people don’t like watching the development of a project that takes longer than their span of attention. People will be back when it is released.

Armchair developers :). Seriously, I’m not worried. The easy stuff was put in. Harder stuff takes longer.

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Yah, everyone’s just lurking, waiting for something exciting to happen.

Do people not understand the concept of people have lives? You know there are things like commitments to other projects, work, families, eating, sleeping, going out and doing stuff in the real world.

I mean how dare people not devote 23 hours a day 6.75 days a week to this project.


Subscribe to the Github repository and read every email that is sent from it… you won’t feel the same way.

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That graph also only reflects changes to the master branch. There’s changes on the other branches which could account for the lack of commits on the master. It’s a huge puzzle that’s crafted piece-by-piece, then assembled; take it easy. :ok_hand:

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