Is there a way to disable the velocity check?


Hey !
I’ve been using a 1.12.2 port of the EXROLLERCOASTER mod on my sponge server, but when i enter in a coaster, in the fast parts of my track i start to get rollbacked and the vision goes just YOLO.
Btw in the console it spams a warning that says that:
entity (Vehicle of XX) moved too quickly ! random coords (i joined a screen)
So, is there a way/plugin to disable the velocity check in the game ? I’ve already looked and modified the global.conf file in the config/sponge folder…
Thanks ! ^^
(Sorry if there’s any spelling/grammar errors, not a native englishspeaker… :/)


Screen of the problem ^^


yes you can disable movement checks in the sponge config


I’ve already done that before, seems to be useless…
Maybe that you could check my config file ?


sure put your global.conf on
and put the link in here

Here it is ^^


you need to set movement-checks=true in the modules section